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1st Workshop on Bias, Ethics and Fairness in Artificial Intelligence: Representation and Reasoning – BEFAIR².



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Artificial Intelligence is profoundly changing society and is currently used to predict individuals’ behaviors and preferences. There have been, however, many cases of “artificial intelligence gone wrong”. Some highlights in an ever-growing list are: Search engines showing low-wage jobs for women compared to men; Chatbot posting racist tweets; Crime risk analysis showing racial biases on recidivism predictions; Facial recognition tool falsely identifying 28 members of Congress as criminals. This workshop aims to discuss bias, ethics and fairness in the design of trustworthy AI systems. We invite AI&L researchers, computer scientists and legal researchers to join us.

Topics include but are not limited to bias in machine learning, algorithmic fairness, explainable and interpretable machine learning, ethics in argumentation theories, accountability, legal design and visual modeling of the Law, etc.

The BEFAIR² Workshop will be held at ICAIL 2021 Conference.